tomato soup

tomato soup

This may not be chicken, but it is definite soup for the soul. 
September brings the ripest of tomatoes, and we can't let this harvest not be highlighted. 
This recipe hits all the checkmarks nutrition wise; vegan, gluten-free, and abundant in vitamins & minerals. Tomatoes are a rich source of folate, potassium and Vitamin C. 
Sheet pan style soup makes for the lowest of effort, and yummiest caramelizations. 
Pro Tip: Going to your local farmers market is almost a non-negotiable. You will find the cleanest produce, and somehow always turns out cheaper. 
Garnish with your herbs of choice.
Crackle some pepper, drizzle some olive oil and you're good to go.
Pair with crusty sourdough / grilled cheese / baguette style sandwich of choice. 


- 6 medium tomatoes (on the vine), quartered
- 2 packs of cherry tomatoes (try mixing colours)
- 1 medium red onion, sliced
- 1 bell pepper, sliced
- 1 whole garlic bulb, top sliced off
- sprigs of thyme / basil / marjoram / oregano (any mix)
- extra virgin olive oil
- coarse sea salt
- ground black pepper


1. Preheat oven to 425°.
2. Prepare ingredients and place them all on a sheet pan.
3. Drizzle a good amount of EVOO over the pan, season with salt and pepper.
4. Place in oven for about 45 minutes. 
5. Remove from oven.
6. Garlic should be goldenly roasted, and pushed out of skin.
7. Remove any herbs from sprigs.
8. Take all ingredients & juices from sheet pan and place in blender.
9. Blend until smooth & serve.

Serves 4 bowls.

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