the shopping list - fall edition

the shopping list - fall edition

Fall is peak consumer season. You never have enough knits, every moment feels like a treat yourself one, the holidays are around the corner etc... There is every excuse in the book to allow for unnecessary purchases.

When I think fall shopping, all the senses come to mind. I think new clothes, new skincare, new scents, yada yada yada - every part of my identity feels like it could be completely refreshed. 

I've put together my shopping list of what I love repurchasing this season - Let's dive in. 


Perfume: Hypnotic Poison by Dior
Here me out - if you're a Baccarat rouge 540er, the original sultry & mysterious scent was Hypnotic Poison by Dior. Its notes are vanilla, almond, plum and sandalwood. It is seductively so fall, must wear during this time of year. 


The perfect dupe for Santal 33 by Le Labo. This candle has notes of hinoki, cypress, vetiver and sandalwood. Its design is perfectly clean & minimal to blend into any aesthetic.



Sweet: Caramel Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen
Stonewall Kitchen is such a go-to for upscale gourmet foods. Whether for yourself or to bring as a gift, this caramel sauce is to die for with some cut apple slices. So much easier to eat and enjoy than a candied apple.



 Savory: Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child
When a cookbook has been in print for 50+ years, there is no denying there must be something good in those pages. In the fall, we are often craving those recipes that keep us cozy and warm. Cue the stew! An absolute must try recipe is Julia Child's Beef  Bourguignon. A non-negotiable. It is the perfect intro dish to capture the essence of the season. 



Cozy: 'Extra Dirty, Extra Olives' Sport Crew by Kirty Studio
Our crew is the perfect mix of a structured fit and cozy, soft material. It falls in a way that is so flattering, and feels like a hug. Adorned in green embroidery, its color appropriate for the festive season ahead. 



Soft: Ugg Duffield Throw Blanket
Definitely a splurge, but this blanket is literal butter. There is nothing more quintessential fall than snuggling up with your favorite blank, snack & show. The ultimate trifeca.



Corduroy:  'Espresso Martini' Hat by Kirty Studio
Combining two vices - caffeine and alcohol - the espresso martini was crafted for the bold. Our hat's brown color mimics the hue of classic coffee liqueur. Corduroy is a fall favorite fabric and adds an extra element of warmth to your cooler athleisure looks. 


A chic style on trend for 2023. Love the chunkiness of the foldover which gives a little edge to any outfit you have planned coming up.



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