our summer ins:

our summer ins:

Here at Kirty Studio, we have compiled a list of our 'summer ins' in case you are in need of a little inspiration this season. 

1. Reading - Why does a summer read just hit? There's something about the sun beaming on you while you're entwined with a good book. What's on our summer reading list? We currently are loving anything Emily Henry.

2. Hosting Dinner - You don't have to get fancy (although we do love a little luxe touch) but having people over and treating them to good company, food and drink is our fave love language. 

3. Seafood & Martinis - A hot day calls for a chilled pairing. Make sure your martini is freezer cold, and enjoy with some seafood on ice (we love a shrimp cocktail). Definitely the best way to cool down. 

4. Being More Offline - Silence the phone, mute the notifications, do what you have to do. This time of year is our recharge period and it's important to honor that. Get outside, chat with friends, read a book, be in the moment. 

5. Vitamin Sea - If you're lucky enough to be by the water, take advantage! There's something so healing about a little salt and sand. Make sure to SPF it up and wear one of our hats for a little extra sun protection.

6. Roadtripping - You don't need to go far, but far enough that there's an element of escape. See some place new, go somewhere different and bask in the essence of discovery. Stay cool and comfy in one of our of our cotton printed tees.

7. Dancing to Nostalgic Music - Sometimes an old tune, whether a 2000s bop or a vintage 70s one, gets the party going. Curate a playlist to share with friends that will ensure lots of good vibes this summer. 

8. Antiquing - Just another word for treasure hunting. Give a second life to some generational pieces. Look out for glassware and dishware that you can use for your next dinner party.

9. Wine Tastings - Check out a local winery or bar to see if they offer any seasonal wine tastings. Bonus points if they offer a food pairing as well. Perfect for a date night or group of friends. It's giving fancy bitch energy.

10. Making Recipes from Cookbooks - Grab out the ole cookbook and fish out a recipe that perks your interest. Be daring, and don't worry about messing up. We recommend anything Alison Roman, her first cookbook 'Dining In' is basically baptismal when it comes to hosting a dinner party. 

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