hosting a night in - kirty's checklist

hosting a night in - kirty's checklist

They say the key to life is balance. So it only feels right to counter a night out, with a night in. A little vice versa. When hosting a night in, I truly enjoy all the fixings that ensure a memorable evening. Breaking down my hosting musts categorically. Plan your event by attire, food, drinks, activity & ambiance.

The Attire

I'm a believer that you are most relaxed when your outfit is super cozy. The heels, the belt, all of that can stay at home. This doesn't mean you have to be lazy about picking out your leisurely ensemble of choice. Some faves:

For the ladies:

CasualThe Color-Matched Sweatsuit - Who doesn't love a monochromatic look?

SlumberThe Classic PJ - A chic piping accent on a PJ is a must. 

Relaxed'Dirty Martini Club' Sport Crew - Our crews are buttery and oversized for the best fit.

 For the guys:

ComfortableCozy Straight Leg Sweatpant - Airy and cozy to kick back in.

Sporty'Extra Dirty, Extra Olives' Dad Hat - Pairs as the perfect accessory for any relaxed outfit.


The Food

No food? Count me out. I always feel the most sociable when there is a noshing opportunity in close proximity. Food is a love language, it brings people together and there is no denying that. So many times we get stumped on what to make / order / serve. I've got it down depending on vibe:

DIY Pizza - Host a night where everyone can make their own pizza and enjoy their labor. Go all out by making your own dough, I like this Neapolitan one. Whichever way you go, Rao's Pizza Sauce is a non-negotiable.

Charcuterie Catch Up - The perfect munch is a charcuterie spread. A balanced charcuterie has an assortment of cheeses, cold cuts, crackers, fruits, nuts, jam, honey... the possibilities are endless. Keep your cheese selection clear with these ceramic labels you can write on.

Cookbook Night - Have a cooking-filled evening by recreating a few recipes from a great cookbook. Plan ahead on who is bringing what. It's always fun to coordinate the menu with an appetizer, entrée and dessert. For the best elevated yet casual eats, try 'nothing fancy' by Alison Roman.

Take Out & Deep Talks - When you know the convo might be heavy, forget all the work and go with a food delivery service. Save your energy for good conversation. My vote is a sushi order, since it just never is recreated the same at home. Make it feel fancy with these reusable chopsticks

Themed Potluck - This is definitely for the ambitious. Pick a theme (movie, culture, trend, book, etc.) and have everyone make a dish that honors it. Who doesn't love a set table according to the theme? You can't go wrong with a subtle placemat, no matter what the vibe.

The Drinks

Alcoholic - Of course you know I'd always suggest a martini. Make sure you have your vodka, vermouth, olives ready. If you're going espresso, use a coffee liqueur. Feel free to go the fruity martini route with lychee, watermelon & more. Garnish with using these skewers for a luxe touch.

Non-Alcoholic - When hosting, I love to make sure my fridge is stocked. I've always aspired to have one of those drink fridges like in MTV cribs. Must serves & mixers include sodas, water bottles, Celsius, Gatorade etc. I think it always adds a little fun to have a shaped ice cube when serving. I love making small circle ones the night before from this mold


The Activity

Let the Games Begin - Have your night revolve around one or a whole set of boardgames. Keep the competition friendly with my personal fave, Scattergories.

Premiere Night - Hosting a screening of a movie, sporting event or live show? Upgrade your popcorn game with FunkyChunky ... trust me on this one.

Getting Crafty - Get colorful with a paint and sip style kind of night. Check out these beginner kits. Bonus - you get to have your guests leave with a home decor momento.


The Ambiance

Candle - Light a signature scent of the soirée. Go for a clean smell that everyone will love. Try 11 11 by Lake & Skye - notes of ocean, white amber & basil.

Lighting - Set the mood by ensuring your lighting game is on point. Last thing you want to have is a bright cold light situation when you're trying to have a vibe. Try these color & dimmable lights you can customize in app.

Music - This is really up to you, but a tried and true fave of mine is putting on the 'Dinner Party' playlist by Apple Music. It's easy and elevated.


Let me know if you try any of my hosting musts. Would love to hear it :)

xo kirty

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