fall movie list

fall movie list

A movie night during the fall is unrivalled. Get the blanket, your cozy fit, candy and let's roll. I have put together my favorite movies to binge this time of year by genre, check 'em out!

COMEDY: There's something about vintage SNL alumns and their movies. My all-time fave is none other than David Spade. A bit of a hidden gem, Tommy Boy, is a hilarious road-trip adventure between Spade & Chris Farley (another SNL icon). 

ROMANCE: Some will consider this not only romance, but Silver Linings Playbook is a love story that unassumingly unfolds right before us. The chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper is palpable and the rawness of their characters leave a mark.

SPORTY: Football is fall. Friday Night Lights gives a glimpse into the layers of a Texas high school football team. Although, do expect some mature undertones as this movie has lots of depth. 

SPOOKY: While this one isn't a horror or thriller, it encapsulates magic. Halloweentown is a 90s Disney movie about a family of secret witches. It's festive and wholesome vibes. I enjoy watching it now just as much as I did growing up. 

TRUE CRIMEThe Girl in The Picture is a crime documentary that's hard to forget. A Netflix Original, this deep dive into an abduction takes twists and turns in unexpected & disturbing ways.

VINTAGE: Dead Poet's Society is an 80s movie with the acting greats Robin Williams and Ethan Hawke. Set in 1950s Vermont at an all-boys prep school, it gives old-school New England and coming of age.

HISTORICAL / PERIOD: While this film begins in the 1930s, it spans over multiple decades, with a WWII focus. Atonement is the portrayal of how a wrongful accusation can change one's entire trajectory.

Let me know if you watch any! Happy screening! xo kirty 

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